Course Map

2018 Course – remains the same as 2017. Click HERE for hi res course map download click the below image for a web/mobile version.

Overview of Course
Runners start adjacent to New Street on Marine Drive just west of the lido. They run west for 1.2 miles with a small additional loop before a U-turn at George V Avenue and head back east. At 3.5 miles they head up W Buildings and run an anti clockwise loop of suburban roads, Spectators could jump between the points quite easily on Grand Avenue with just 670 metres from seafront to the North most point (Lansdowne Road). At 7 miles runners return to the seafront and head west until 10.5 miles where they turn on the barren lands of the western most point and head back east. Once back at 12.5 miles they will swing right onto the esplanade for 800 metres and into the finish.